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When it comes to HVAC systems and the operation of a furnace, the name of the game is efficiency. An efficient unit will cost less in energy bills, operate cleanly and experience fewer repairs. However, over time, your furnace will begin to lose these traits and eventually require professional replacement and installation. For all your furnace installation needs, trust the experts at Blair Mechanical Services Ltd.

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When to Install a New Furnace

Over the years, your furnace will require some small repairs and maintenance to ensure efficient operation. While this maintenance is normal, there will come a point where a full replacement will become the better option. A typical, well-maintained furnace will last between 16-20 years. As the furnace ages, it will require more repairs and will begin to lose efficiency and cost more to operate.

Other Signs to Look Out For

If your furnace is exhibiting any of these signs, it may be time to replace it:

Yellow flickering pilot light: This is a sign of excess carbon monoxide in the system. Carbon monoxide is toxic to humans and this issue should be inspected immediately.

Soot around the base of the unit: This is a second sign that points to excess carbon monoxide in the system. If you notice this, call a professional right away.

Cold spots: If the unit is not heating evenly, you may experience cold spots in your home.

Physical damage: Cracks and other physical damage leave space for leaks which are dangerous to you and your family. Damaged furnaces should always be replaced right away.

Benefits of a Professional Installation

When you call Blair Mechanical Services Ltd, you can expect thorough and comprehensive care. Our highly skilled technicians are trained in the installation of these units and they can ensure that your furnace is installed correctly. By checking connections, ductwork and other details, we can guarantee that your furnace will be working at peak efficiency after our installation.

Other Reasons to Work With Us

Homeowners in Kelowna trust us with all their heating system needs because of our attention to detail and individualized care. With 24-hour service available, we protect your family and your home in case of emergency. We also work with the best brands in the industry to ensure your complete confidence in our work. Some of the brands we specialize in include Goodman and Amana, but we also work on all makes and models.

When you need to replace your furnace, trust our expertly trained professionals. For comprehensive and reliable service in Kelowna, BC call 250-491-2700 today and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisors.