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Rick Ellery
Rick Ellery 5.0

Very fast response. Great quality work. Everyone I dealt with was courteous and responsive.

Greg McAree
Greg McAree 5.0
Brenda Christopherson
Brenda Christopherson 5.0

My husband called Blair Plumbing on Dec. 29th, 2021 asking if there was a chance of being put on their 'job list' for early in the new year, realizing that we couldn't expect any work to be done so close to New Years! We weren't in a panic and knew they ...would be responding to other people during the very cold temperatures at that time. We were very pleased the next day when we received a phone call asking if they could come to our house in a couple of hours. Jayden and Jayvin arrived and sorted out our problem in a couple of hours. Both guys were friendly and worked well together. Communication, efficiency and quality work/product is so important for any company to provide for their customer. We would highly recommend Blair Plumbing. Thanks for a job well done!Read More...

David Newman
David Newman 5.0

I am writing this after having a couple months to see how the new products that Blair installed work. Mid November we had a tankless hot water tank, new furnace . Air conditioner. Humidifier and electronic air cleaner installed. (thanks to fortis rebates ...which helped ). We want to say how happy we are with the upgrades, cooler outside daily temps, and still more than 10% gas savings, not to mention a totally more comfortable home. The team at Blair, ‘Aussie’ Michael & Lucas , Oakley & Vince and the whole office and support team have been great! Everyone was so friendly and professional.. and very good at what they do. . So if you are looking for the best.. look no further..Read More...

Ann Swanky
Ann Swanky 3.0

In the last three years I have purchased a furnace, and air conditioner and an on demand water system from Blair. The three units work well and the installation of them was as expected from well trained professionals. However, there were factory ...settings on the new digital thermostat that was also installed that I had not be told about. It apparently has a sensor that picks up the outdoor temperature and triggers my furnace to start heating the house at 4 in the morning! and runs until it has brought the house temperature to my programed day time settings. This happens a full three hours in advance of my 'programed' settings. What is the point of me programing my preferred settings if the thermostat over -rides my preferences? I thought that my thermostat was faulty and so arranged for a technician to look at it, only to find out that it was a factory setting that needed am I supposed to know that? I am perfectly capable of altering a program if given the heads up and a little instruction. I did not appreciate the $95.00 it cost for the technician to do a two minute alteration on my thermostat. Not impressed at all with that little money grab. Train your people to inform and train the customer so that they can do incidental adjustments themselves.Read More...

Anne Blankestijn
Anne Blankestijn 5.0

We had Oakley come and replace our water heater. He was very friendly and so kind to my kids, was professional and clean. He had our old water heater taken out and replaced with a new one within a couple hours. Highly recommend this company!

Jayna Phillips
Jayna Phillips 5.0
Beth Larson
Beth Larson 5.0

Our newly installed furnace was having some issues. The furnace would not keep running. Steve, one the service techs came on Sunday, and jerry..... rigged things enough to get us through until today, Dec 29. Today he completely fixed the issue, ...after about 3 hours of disassembly, and re....assembly of the venting. We could not be more grateful for his help, and the prompt service we receive after the first phone call. If you keep hiring people like Steve, you will continue to be a successful company. Thanks.Read More...

Camille Sobrian Saltman
Camille Sobrian Saltman 1.0

No answering machine message or answering service on any of the company's phone lines - AND the 24 hour emergency line was disconnected - and the second emergency line on the website had no message either - dwhen I called on Monday, December 27 - after ...the Christmas Holiday when our furnace failed - over the holiday. I have a service contract with Blair and they recently serviced my furnace for winter. They also separately serviced my humidifier and my air filter. During the holiday when it was terribly cold -26 - the furnace stopped working because a sensor was failing due to the condensate trap being dirty. The trap should have been clean after the service. I also noticed that the UV light on the air filter is not working! I called Comfort Tech Heating and Cooling and in spite of the fact I"m not on a service contract with them they fit us in and came and fixed the furnace. Really disturbing experience - we depend on these relationships in severe weather.Read More...

Jay_H 5.0
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