UV Air Sanitizer Installations

Quality Kelowna UV Air Sanitizer Installations

Worried about the quality of your indoor air? Call 250-491-2700 and ask the experts at Blair Mechanical Services Ltd how a UV air sanitizer can protect your family and remove bacteria and other types of contaminants from the air you breathe. Find out how you can save on your next service with our exclusive online coupons.

Are your allergies constantly acting up? Are you noticing members of your household getting sick often? You may benefit from a UV air sanitizer. At Blair Mechanical Services Ltd, we help homeowners in the Kelowna, BC area purify their indoor air and prevent the issues caused by contaminants and bacteria found in the air with quality UV air sanitizer installations.

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How Do UV Air Sanitizers Work?

UV air sanitizers use the power of ultraviolet light to kill bacteria. Whenever your HVAC systems are turned on, the UV light will also be turned on and any air that passes through the system will be purified by the light. UV light kills bacteria and neutralizes allergens that are too small to be caught by your air filter. These systems purify your indoor air and help improve your breathing at home.

What are the Benefits?

Every day, thousands of microscopic bacteria and allergens make their way into your home. Whether it’s through your HVAC system, windows or even opening and closing the door, the contaminants find a way inside. These bacteria and allergens have the power to make your family sick, worsen allergy symptoms and cause other breathing related issues.

A UV air sanitizer kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and allergens that slip through your air filter. These systems will help prevent airborne diseases, reduce allergy symptoms and help keep your home feel cleaner.

Why Hire a Professional?

An experienced professional will be able to assess your current air purification needs and make recommendations based on your specific situation. Installing the units should also be left to a professional, as they will be able to ensure that all the connections are correct and that the new UV air sanitizer will work flawlessly with your other HVAC components.

Why Work With Us?

When you call Blair Mechanical Services Ltd, you are trusting over 20 years of experience. We have been helping homeowners in the Kelowna area since 1993. With features such as 24-hour emergency services, it’s no wonder that the community continues to rely on us for expert repair and installation services!

If you are concerned about bacteria and allergens in your air, call 250-491-2700 and speak with our experts right away. Our team in Kelowna, BC can help purify your air and reduce symptoms with our expert UV air sanitizer installation services.

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